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Weekend’s over. Now for the hangover

I JUST DIDN’T HAVE THE HEART to tell you this during the Glorious Fourth weekend:

The Whitney Houston performance of the National Anthem that I kept at the top of the blog all weekend was…lip-synced. That comes from Joe E. Baker, Editor/Publisher of The Karnes Countywide in Karnes City, TX.

Z HOUSTON SINGSHere’s Joe’s note, from Thursday of last week:

“I hate to rain on your parade, but did you know Whitney’s performance was lip-synced?

She wasn’t singing live, just mouthing the words to a pre-recorded track.

I didn’t find out about it till recently, and it changed the way I think about that performance now. Apparently they do most of these performances this way. I guess what bothers me is the deception. I think the network should let viewers know that what they are hearing is a pre-recorded audio track.

Thanks so much for your blog and articles. Reading these has really greatly enhanced the design of our newspaper!

Hope you have a great 4th of July!”

At first, I wanted to challenge Joe. I didn’t want to believe it. But I did my homework and…Joe is right. As he says, “Apparently, they do most of these performances this way.”

Lip-synced or not, it’s still a great performance. And I’m already thinking of posting it again next year.

God Bless America.

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Whitney Houston sings National Anthem

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY the best vocal rendition of our National Anthem. Houston sang this at the beginning of Super Bowl XXV in 1991, shortly after the beginning of the first Gulf War.

If you are possessed of an ounce of patriotism, this will send chills through you.



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