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Back from Texas

I’M BACK HOME from my sojourn to west Texas but I can’t put my visit there away until I mention how deeeelightful it was. The entire time, I knew I was in the company of wonderful, salt-of-the-earth people who believe in a strong work ethic and giving their communities the best they can.

z WTPA LOGOThanks to Melissa Perner and her husband and family, who chauffeured me around. Thanks also to Susan Calloway, who provided me with some toothpaste (I can’t believe I forgot that stuff!) when the hotel had none to give.

And to all of those publishers and editors who were there for the workshop—and put up with me during my evaluations of their newspapers: You were super!

Working with people who really care about their papers isn’t really work. It’s a pleasure.

I hope they’ll invite me again. I’d go on a moment’s notice!

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