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New web site for Henninger Consulting!

AFTER MONTHS OF WORK on content and design, the new Henninger Consulting web site is  up and running!

Well…maybe walking. There are still some nits here and there,  but we expect those to be resolved in the next few days. And we’re still at work on one other page.

Still, it’s lookin’ good and there will be updates to the site as time goes by. One of those updates will be including this blog as part of the site.

If you have a moment, please visit the site at henningerconsulting.com and let us know what you think.

And…stay tuned for those updates!

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Web design goes to hell

THIS HAPPENS. A LOT. Not only to web designers, but to other designers (yrs truly included) as well.

Those of you who are designers know what I’m talking about. You will laugh/cry at this link: How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell at the oatmeal.com.

And it isn’t only web or publication design. If you’re an ad designer, you’ve had this happen to you about, oh…a bazillion times!

Thanks to follower Laurie Shillings for sending this one along.



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Type too small?

OBJ | MAGNIFYING GLASSE-MAIL FROM A READER says the type in my recent Henninger Helpful Hint is too small: “I needed a magnifying glass to read some of the type on your hints page. I may be old but I ain’t blind!”

Checking it from my end, I couldn’t see a problem.

How about you? Are those of you who see the hints having trouble with type size? Please go to the hint and let me know either way.


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