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For newcomers: Ed’s contact info

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IT SEEMS SO OBVIOUS…but sometimes I’m a master at not seeing the obvious.

I received a comment last night from Lyle Davis, editor and publisher of The Paper in San Marcos/Escondido, CA. I give Lyle an A+ for his resourcefulness.

With all my attempts at taking the blog national, I had not placed my e-mail address in the notices!

So, for the record, here’s how you can submit pages (or send me a nasty note!): Just e-mail me at edh@henningerconsulting.com. You can send the pages as pdf files. Please send two-three sentences of information on the design concept and exeution. If I need more, I’ll contact you.

When I have a bit more time, I’ll set up another page on this blog with all kinds of “how-to-reach-me” information.

Thanks, Lyle!

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