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Survey says…print and paper

ACCORDING TO A RECENT SURVEY, “70 percent of Americans, including 69 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds, say they prefer to read print and paper communications than reading off a screen.”

The survey was commissioned by Two Sides, the fast-growing non-profit organization created to promote the responsible production, use and sustainability of print and paper. So, it may be a bit self-serving (hmmm…wonder if that’s ever happened before!). Still, there are some findings that may be of interest to those of us who know newspapers are not dying.

It also says 68 percent of those surveyed believe that paper records are more sustainable than electronic record storage and that paper is more pleasant to handle and touch than other media (67 percent).

Here’s the full report.

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Who reads community newspapers? Only 74% in NNA survey, that’s all

THERE’S GOOD NEWS for community newspapers, according to a recent survey by the National Newspaper Association.

Here are some of the survey findings:

• 74% of those surveyed read a local newspaper each week
• Those readers, on average, share their papers with 2.33 persons
• They spend about 38.95 minutes reading their local newspapers
• 73% read most or all of their community newspapers
• 43.8% keep their community newspapers six or more days (shelf life)
• 61% of readers read local news very often in their community newspapers, while 48 percent say they never read local news online (only 11 percent say they read local news very often online).

NNA President Reed Anfinson, publisher of the Swift County Monitor-News in Benson, MN, said the study demonstrates that citizens believe in newspapers.

“The survey indicates a majority of respondents believe that the newspaper does a better job, provides more background and depth and is more useful to them personally than other news sources,” Anfinson said. “It reinforces not only the strong bond between local communities and their newspapers, but it demonstrates that people do value good journalism.”

You can read the full story here.

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Poll results: Are contests worth it?

A VERY CLOSE FINISH in this poll, both positive answers. Of 43 total votes, 11 said “Absolutely! They let us know how well we’re doing.” There were 10 votes for “Yes. They help build newsroom morale when we win.” Together, those two categories totaled 49% of the votes.

POLL | CONTESTSThe most negative response, “Not worth a flip. We hardly ever enter” received only 4 votes.

Interesting “other” responses were:

“I think it’s a great way for made-up institutions to create revenue for themselves.’

“Yes, but they’re a pain in the butt.”

“We appreciate feedback.”

“Not worth a flip, but management makes us enter anyway.”

“We rarely win anymore. When we do, it doesn’t boost company morale.”

So, despite the negatives, it’s safe to say the sentiment is pretty much for keeping those contests going.

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Poll results: Free form ads—the work of the devil?

MOST OF YOU (11 of 29 total votes…38%) think “Yes! We’re selling our souls” by running free form ads.

POLL | FREE FORM ADS 07.26.09Another 21% felt “Yes, but as long as they’re not on page 1…” That result was tied by another 21%, who wondered” “Sheesh! What’s all the fuss about? It’s just another type of ad.”

There was only one “other” answer: ” I think they are a unique form of advertising. Just not for everyone.”

Looks like the “aginers” win this round. Still, 29 votes isn’t that many. Perhaps there’ll be another poll on this one as the use of free from ads increases. Oh, yes, I think we can be on seeing more of them.

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