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“License to Print Money” going over big!

I RECENTLY PUT TOGETHER a new training presentation that seems to have struck a highly resonant chord with both publishers and designers. The session is labeled “A License to Print Money: 10 Design Strategies to Generate Revenue at Your Newspaper—Now!”

So far, I’ve offered the presentation to the Kentucky Press Assn., Tennessee Press Assn., Oklahoma Press Assn. and South Carolina Press Assn.

To a person, those publishers who attended at Louisville said the presentation would help them to add at least $5,000-$6,000 to their bottom line—in 2011 alone.

In Nashville, the feedback was similar—with one publisher telling me: “This workshop alone more than paid for me to bring all my people to this convention!”

At the South Carolina session just this past Saturday, one of those attending said he thought he could turn what he had learned into $10,000 in income for his weekly.

In Oklahoma City, the reaction from those attending was very positive. Their evaluations, presented below, were overwhelmingly positive. See or yourself:

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Just for fun: How we read


HERE’S A PAGE I USE during design presentations. It’s something I ran into a few years ago and it really works! Read through it and you’ll see. It’s fun—but knowing it does not absolve us from the responsibility of getting the spelling right in everything we publish!


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Redesign wins first place!


SOME EXCITING NEWS to share with you!

A paper I recently redesigned, The Western Catholic Reporter in Edmonton, Alberta, has just been honored as the best designed church paper in Canada.

The Canadian Church Press (CCP) awarded The Western Catholic Reporter its top prize at its annual awards banquet May 15.

The judge, Gordon Preece, art director for the Winnipeg Free Press, said The Western Catholic Reporter had “a sophisticated presentation of news through images, design and typography. Every page is a surprise, interesting in its treatment yet easy to read.” The Western Catholic Reporter is “a paper to be proud of,” he said.

I spent a week in Edmonton redesigning The Western Catholic Reporter last October. During my time there, I worked closely with Editor Glen Argan and News Editor Lasha Morningstar. Our focus was primarily on the physical redesign but our time together gave us the opportunity to review design approaches and techniques that would work well for a newspaper that’s put together by only the two of them.

We spent our first few hours together reviewing content and organization as well as capabilities and resources. I was immediately impressed by the commitment of Glen and Lasha to their newspaper. For them, their work on The Western Catholic Reporter is more than a job—it is a mission.

As the week rolled along, we discussed design possibilities and reviewed mockups to be sure we where doing everything we could to take advantage of their presentation skills. Among the major changes we made was a commitment to the use of the spread (the WCR is a tabloid) for the lead feature story in each issue. It didn’t take long to convince Glen and Lasha that they could do a knockout piece here.

Glen and Lasha asked great questions…and their readiness to change was a key to our progress. It was an exhilarating experience.

We were delighted with what we accomplished and now our work has received top recognition from a respected judge.

It’s a delight to share the good news with you.

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