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Notice in E&P

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THE FRANCIS A. HENNINGER Grant Program finally received mention in Editor & Publisher magazine. Well, the Fitz & Jen blog. If you want to see it there, click on this link and then scroll down to the fifth post. No need to, though: Just check out the screenshot above.

I learned the lesson all over again about going to the right person. I had sent the release three times previously to someone else at E&P with no response. Then earlier this week I contacted Jennifer Saba (the Jen of Fitz & Jen) and she placed the post yesterday.

Persistence pays off.

I’m finding that persistence pays off also in my continuing to place the Francis A. Henninger Grant Program before publishers at small newspapers.

The program is simple: It’s a way for small newspapers to benefit from a professional, market-driven and customized redesign at a significantly reduced investment. The amount of each grant is based on criteria such as ownership, staff size, cycle and circulation.

I’m on a mission: To help small newspapers, through the grant program, to receive professional design help.

Please help me to spread the word. If you know someone who’s interested, please ask them to contact me.

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