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BLOG AND TWITTER FOLLOWER Josh Dewberry recently posted the definition above on Facebook.

I couldn’t resist the temptation, so I did a bit of “keming” myself, using Verdana as the victim typeface.

Here it is:

Here you can see the “keming” in action. But look at the same word in text size and the problem is not so obvious:

Not that we’re going to do this…but it is fun taking a look!

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Worth a la ugh

THIS CARTOON was sent to me by my friend Karen Geary in Paris, TN. I think she told me where she saw it, but I don’t recall. (Karen follows up with a comment: It was posted on Facebook by Veer).

I suspect most of you will get this. Those of you who don’t may take comfort in knowing you’re not yet typographically twisted.


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Typography: a quick look

HERE’S A SHORT FILM on some of the basic elements of typography—and why good typography is important.

On a scale of one-to-ten, most newspapers are at a typographic six. And some are…four.

Too many fonts, text that’s too small, headlines that are kerned (or scaled!) too tightly—those are just three reasons why typography suffers at newspapers. Add funky fonts to the litany and we fall into typographic meltdown.

But then, you already knew all of that.

That’s OK…watch the film anyway.

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