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Uh, pardon me, sir. Our ads are fine…your business is the problem.

HAVE YOU EVER HAD an advertiser tell you your ads just aren’t working for him?

“Something’s wrong. I don’t get any new customers from your ad.”

“I’m tired of paying for advertising. Your ads just don’t work for me.”

“When are you gonna give me an ad that works?”

Uh…the problem may not be the ad. It may be the advertiser…or his business.

Friend and fellow consultant John Peterson has written this piece that will help you to deflect and direct.

It will deflect the negatives tossed your way by a disgruntled advertiser. And it will help you direct him toward a more productive and longer-term advertising relationship with your newspaper.

Sounds like a win-win, doesn’t it?

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“Where’s the value?” | A must-read from John C. Peterson

FELLOW CONSULTANT JOHN C. PETERSON tells an interesting story in his latest blog post:

JOHN PETERSON“I visit an afternoon daily in New York state that fills its parking lot and both sides of the street with people who get out of their cars even on the most bitter winter day to get the paper as soon it comes off the press.

“At another client in New England, I was troubled by what I felt was a lop-sided ratio of newsstand versus paid subscribers for what I felt was a very strong weekly paper.

“I couldn’t believe more people weren’t committed to the paper. The publisher said it puzzled the staff until they collected some feedback from telemarketers. Despite twice the cost and the inconvenience, a significant percentage of readers did not want to wait a half-day for mail delivery. Sure enough, drive around town you’d see people waiting at stores for the delivery truck.”

There’s a point to all of this, and it’s summed up in the title of John’s post: “Where’s the reader value in your publication?”

It’s important reading for all of us. Take a look…you’ll be impressed by John’s logic and clarity.

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This is don’t-dare-miss-it-reading.

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