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Impediments to good design: LinkedIn poll

WHAT ARE IMPEDIMENTS to good design at community newspapers?

Is it lack of training? Lack of time? Lack of interest? Lack of leadership? A bit of all of those?

Ed has set up a poll on LinkedIn and you are invited to vote and leave your comments.

Go go there...click here!

Then watch this blog for the results.

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Going national: An update


FOR MONTHS, this blog has been a comfortable little secret. But no longer. Word is going out to newspaper  leaders, editors, designers and press associations.

My hope is that this will build readership—and more help for the designers and editors at community newspapers across the US and Canada.

The more readers we get, the greater the number of contributors and the more comments. If this is going to grow into a community where we can all learn from each other, having more contributors is certainly a benefit.

Many thanks to all of you who have contributed to this point.

Now, we’ll just see how much readership we get. I’ll keep you posted!


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