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The dreaded double do-over

A DOUBLE DO-OVER isn’t quite as severe as a “double-dog dare ya” or the dreaded “triple-dog dare ya” (see A Christmas Story).

Still, it’s pretty strong stuff.

Nonetheless, I’m forced to call a “double do-over” on this week’s next two entries (which were last week’s top two entries…and the same for the week before). Here’s why: I discovered midweek last week that the reason for a strong fall-off in blog views was a problem with my email reminders getting through to subscribers. My apologies for that, but I believe all is fixed now.

1. Please check out the new site at www.henningerconsulting.com. Your comments will help me to improve the site.

2. Take this chance to vote in the poll on impediments to good design at community newspapers. There are only a few votes on the issue now. Let’s know what you think.

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