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‘For unto us a child is born…’ | The London Symphony Orchestra


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A Christmas Treat from the Celtic Women

WONDERFUL ARRANGEMENT of “The Carol of the Bells.” But there’s another that’s even better…comin’ at ya soon.

So do you wonder, like I do, if she’s REALLY playing that fiddle while run/jumping around the stage? Just a question.

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A Holiday goodie, Trans-Siberian style

POSTING GIFTS ALL WEEK leading up to Christmas on Saturday, so please remember to check daily.

Today, Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Christmas Canon Rock. Enjoy!

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Seeking your ideas for a Christmas front

STU NEILSON IS, according to his note, the “Managing Editor, graphic ‘designer,’ ad salesman, delivery person, janitor…” at the Town Crier in Wilmington – Tewksbury, MA

He’s looking for some help with ideas to replace their Christmas front page. Stu writes:

“For the past several years we have run a Christmas front page (above) with photos of all the cutest kids decked out for their Christmas photos.

But . . .

With the downturn we’ve had some attrition—namely my graphic artist has taken another job and the publisher has not replaced him.

Add another hat to the stack I’m already wearing.

Managing and producing all those photos on my schedule is out.

My ad sales lady (part time—only 45 hours a week) came up with an idea which would be less challenging photo-wise, but still involve the community. It’s a Christmas Wish page. We would solicit wishes from the public on a special e-mail address and publish the best 50 or 100.

Now the challenge—design.

Has anyone, or do you, had a great design for a page like that?


FROM ED: My idea, Stu, would be to take some of the better submissions and to feature them in a childlike scrawl on the front, using crumpled paper, colored construction paper and crayons and pencils to imitate the writing of kids. Put them together in a kind of collage and shoot some photos, using that for your page 1 visual.

How about the rest of you? Any ideas to offer Stu?

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