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When the Chevy was “cool”

BILLBOARDS IN DETROIT are reminding drivers what it was like to be “cool.” That was about 50 years ago. But some of us remember the design statements that Chevrolet made with its cars back then. I was a bit younger then…I think they called us teen-agers.

I thought the ’55 Chevy was cool, the ’56 was OK (but I loved the gas cap hidden in the left rear tail light!). All my buddies loved the ’57 but I thought it was a style ripoff from the ’56 Plymouth. The ’58? Drool! The ’59…I wasn’t turned on by the gull wings. And after that? Well…I think I became more interested in other curves.

Still, these cars did make a design statement. And the billboards are striking. Even the writing is, well…”cool.”

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