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Back in the time of the pharaohs…

EVEN WEIGH BACK in the daze of hieroglyphics…there were copy editors!

When I was a young copy editor (yes, I was young once!), I remember reading:

“The strongest drive in the human soul is not sex, hunger or greed—it is the urge to change someone else’s copy!

This comic, which I saw on the Facebook pages of follower Missy Thompson, brought all that back in a flash. Thanks, Missy!



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Worth a la ugh

THIS CARTOON was sent to me by my friend Karen Geary in Paris, TN. I think she told me where she saw it, but I don’t recall. (Karen follows up with a comment: It was posted on Facebook by Veer).

I suspect most of you will get this. Those of you who don’t may take comfort in knowing you’re not yet typographically twisted.


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