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August winners!

THANKS TO YOU, this blog is gaining momentum. Many of you have submitted pages—and comments—during the past weeks and those are the meat and potatoes of this site.

We had quite a few submissions in August…and comments on those pages. I’ve promised to award the best page and the best comment a free pdf copy of my latest book, 101 Henninger Helpful Hints.

FBTABcoverAUGUST BEST PAGE: Will Franklin’s football tab cover. Excellent idea, nicely executed. As a winner for best comment last month, Will already has a copy of 101 Henninger Helpful Hints. So I’m sending him a pdf of my first book, Henninger on Design.

AUGUST BEST COMMENT: Darah Patterson at The Greer Ctizen had this comment on pages submitted from the Biog Rapids Pioneer: “I think the map page is very well done. I can also appreciate the header with ‘The Land Before Time’ theme. I think the Lifestyles package with the clown is excellent and invokes feelings of fun and happiness. As a paper we are cautious of using too many colors, especially dark ones which involve reverse type. Mainly, because printing can become an issue, and secondly stories and elements start to compete with each other. The city lands jobs layout just uses too many elements. It might be more enjoyable to use a sparing amount of extra elements and focus more on the stories. Overall, I think the packages that spotlight one story are the strongest.”

Congratulations to Will (the first two-time winner!) and Darah!


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