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Great training at Institute of Newspaper Technology

SOME IMPORTANT INFORMATION to share with you concerning a valuable program for newspaper designers, publishers, editors and technology staff persons.

For the past twelve years, The University of Tennessee College of Communications has hosted The Institute of Newspaper Technology. During this intensive three-day training program, newspaper professionals receive training from the top names in technology training related to newspaper production. You may recognize some of these folks:

INSTINEWSTECH LOGOKevin Slimp, Director, Institute of Newspaper Technology (best known for developing the PDF Remote Printing Method in the 1990s)

Lisa Griffin, Respected newspaper consultant and trainer

Russell Viers, Software training and consultant based in Austria

Jay Nelson, Publisher of Design Tools Monthly (and the guy you see on the training DVDs that come with QuarkXPress)

Lesa Snider, World’s authority on Photoshop and author of Photoshop CS4: The Missing Manual

Rob Heller, Professor of Photography

Classes are offered in state-of-the-art labs, on both Mac and PC platforms, on campus at The University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

Topics include introductory and advanced classes in topics such as InDesign, Photoshop, PDF Problems, Illustrator, Adobe Flash, Animation on the Web, Creating Video for Newspaper Web sites, New Software & Hardware for Newspapers, Writing InDesign Scripts, Font Management, Creating Audio Slideshows and more. Attendees select the classes of most interest to them

In addition, guest speakers from Scripps Online division, Woodwing Editorial Software and Roxen will talk during the luncheons and banquet.

For more information about the Institute, visit:

To receive a $50 discount, available only to folks receiving this email, visit:

Be sure to use the url listed just above ( to receive your discount.

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Back from Texas

I’M BACK HOME from my sojourn to west Texas but I can’t put my visit there away until I mention how deeeelightful it was. The entire time, I knew I was in the company of wonderful, salt-of-the-earth people who believe in a strong work ethic and giving their communities the best they can.

z WTPA LOGOThanks to Melissa Perner and her husband and family, who chauffeured me around. Thanks also to Susan Calloway, who provided me with some toothpaste (I can’t believe I forgot that stuff!) when the hotel had none to give.

And to all of those publishers and editors who were there for the workshop—and put up with me during my evaluations of their newspapers: You were super!

Working with people who really care about their papers isn’t really work. It’s a pleasure.

I hope they’ll invite me again. I’d go on a moment’s notice!

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The ratings are in!

JUST RECEIVED WORD from Layne Bruce, Executive Director of the Mississipi Press Assn. I had asked Layne to let me know about feedback from my workshop there in mid-June.

z MPA FLYERFrom Layne’s e-mail:

“A total of 17 individuals who took part in our post-convention survey responded to the  item regarding your session. Of those, 6 rated the session “excellent” (highest mark); 5 rated it “very good;” 5 rated it “good;” and 1 marked it “poor.” None marked it as “fair.”

“This is a good response from the crowd in terms of the actual number of responses we typically receive. It also is an exceptional speaker rating from our crowd.

“Thanks very much for being a part of the convention. We look forward to working with you in the future.”

Dunno what the story is behind the “poor” rating—probably something I said.

I’ll take 16-out-of-17 any day!

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On the road: San Angelo, TX

z WTPA LOGOED’S PREPPING for an upcoming design workshop in San Angelo, TX, sponsored by West Texas Press Assn. The July 17 workshop will focus on design principles and techniques. Ed’s got two hours for his morning session—and the rest of the day for members who would like a design review of their papers.

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Mississippi: A fun workshop!


THANKS TO LAYNE BRUCE and his staff at Mississippi Press Assn. for the opportunity to present a design workshop to MPA members on Saturday. It was a lively session and offered me the chance to spread the news about community newspaper design and the Francis A. Henninger Grant Program.

Some of those attending offered pdf files of their pages and I believe the evaluations were helpful. Discussion was lively and the give-and-take was fun!

My visit also gave me the chance to chat with Jack Ryan, Publisher of the Enterprise-Journal in McComb. And I met Ronda Rich, an energetic and bright writer. I’m looking forward to getting some tips from Ronda on my next book!

Thanks again, Layne!

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