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Redesign: Legatus Magazine

I’M DELIGHTED with the results of the redesign of Legatus Magazine.

It’s a publication distributed to a limited but powerful group of Catholic business leaders.

The redesign has been a long-term project. Actually, I began working on it last April, with Editor Patrick Novecosky and designer Shawna Kunz.

I couldn’t be more thrilled with the first issue. It’s colorful. It’s crisp. It’s contemporary. It’s bold. All of those qualities we had worked on when I visited with Patrick and Shawna last spring in Ave Maria, FL.

A half dozen pages from the first issue follow. If you want to see the entire final proof of the inaugural issue, let me know and I’ll be happy to send you a link!

Thanks, Patrick and Shawna…for a wonderful redesign experience and a great first issue!

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Pages from: Jeanette Kendall | Times Newspapers

JEANETTE HAS BEEN WATCHING this blog for some time, and has offered some pages in the past. Now, she comes to us with a redesign…exciting!

Her note follows, then the pages, with comments from Ed.


Hello Ed,
We recently went through a redesign, so I thought I’d send in an old and new version to see what you think? If you’d like to see a couple more, let me know. Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks!


1. You say you “went through” a redesign. This is unclear. Did you do the redesign yourselves or were you helped by an outsider?
2. The nameplate is more open and contemporary, the teasers are much easier to navigate.
3. Looks like you’ve returned to justified text in some stories. Do you have a style guide that spells out why and when that is to occur?
4. The new Bureau Grotesque typeface is, perhaps, a bit dated nowadays. But it’s certainly an improvement from your previous sans serif display face.
5. I wish you had allowed more negative space between packages. It still feels very tight.
Overall, it’s an improvement but I’m concerned that it doesn’t go far enough.
Reax from the rest of you would help Jeanette. What do you say?


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Introducing: the Catholic News Herald

IN MID-JUNE, I SPENT A WEEK with Communications Director David Hains, Editor Patricia Guilfoyle and Designer Tim Faragher, working on a redesign of the Catholic News Herald, the newspaper of the Diocese of Charlotte.

The pages that follow are from the Oct. 1 issue, which marked the launch of the paper’s new design. They are:

• The front page.

* Pages 2 and 3.

* The center spread.

So…whaddaya think?

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APPARENTLY, READERS of the Hartford Courant weren’t all that happy with the vertical nameplate that came as part of the newspaper’s redesign last September. So, now with new management at the helm, the newspaper has decided to return to a more traditional look.

The Courant surveyed readers (and even threw an u-g-l-y reversed blue flag into the mix!) and those readers were pretty strong for the horizontal nameplate.

It’s mistake I wouldn’t have made in the first place. But I gotta applaud them for listening to their readers and being willing to take a step back,

How about you? Would you have done it? What are your thoughts?

[Thanks to friend and editor Patsy Pelton]

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SNPA on Valdosta redesign


THE SNPA eBULLETIN has published a write-up on the recently-launched redesign of The Valdosta Daily Times.

From that article:

Times Publisher John H. “Sandy” Sanders said: “We have been working toward this launch date for more than four months, and we are excited to be bringing our readers a better-looking newspaper.”

Sanders said advertisers who were shown a prototype of the new format were overwhelmingly supportive of the changes and design.

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Redesign: The Valdosta Daily Times


From this…


…to this!

THE VALDOSTA DAILY TIMES introduced its redesign this morning—and the new look and organization of the VDT is already winning acclaim from readers and advertisers.

From Publisher Sandy Sanders: “I could not stop smiling as I read through the pages. The weeks of work by Michele McNeill on our staff has paid off for us in a big way. Ed’s expertise in design and his teaching ability—coupled with a very willing staff—has been a perfect match for success.”

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