THIS IS THE FIRST, inaugural, original, beginning, initial, opening, introductory installment of Photos of the Week.

The Blue Ridge High School Chapter of Future Farmers of America hosted its 16th annual Farm Day celebration at Lindsey Plantation Saturday. Ian Stiles relaxes in combine tire. Mandy Ferguson | The Greer Citizen

Lily Mannenbach, 4, raises her pom-poms during a dance clinic sponsored by the St. Nicholas School Dance Team at Freedom High School April 28. The Catholic school dance team hosted the clinic for area children, age 3 to fourth grade, to teach dancing skills and teamwork. Sam Lucero | The Compass

A few Canada geese have a quiet morning at the Edisto Memorial Gardens in Orangeburg.  Christopher Huff | The Times & Democrat

 As mentioned last week, the rules for submission to PsW are simple…and there are only two of them:
1. The photo must have been taken by someone on the staff at your newspaper—or for your newspaper by a stringer or contributor. (OK, I expanded the pool a bit with that “stringer or contributor” thing. So…sue me!).
2. The photo must have been published in your newspaper or on your web site.
Please submit the photo as a jpg. Don’t forget to tell us name of the photographer and include a brief note as to when and where the photo was taken, for what purpose, etc.
Otherwise, no gimmicks, no geegaws, no prizes. Just a way to show off your pix and see what others are doing. Comments are welcome, as always.
I’ll continue to post submitted (though not necessarily all) photos here. You know how it works…no submissions, no posting.


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5 responses to “PsW1

  1. Jennifer Annis

    Thought I’d mention that Mandy Ferguson is with The Greer Citizen.
    (And I really like this new feature!)

  2. David Merrill

    What happened to Lily Mannenbach’s left hand?

    • Anonymous

      Her hand is in the pompom, behind the little girl in the foreground that she seems to be looking at.
      That expression on her face is wonderful.

  3. I love the Future Farmers’ photo — that is such a “boy thing” to do. I hope you submit it for competition somewhere.

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