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See that up there? Go there!

SEE THAT HEADER…yah…the one right up there? At the top of the page.

You need to go there. Well, that is, if you’re looking for Ed Henninger’s Blog.

You see, the blog is now part of the web site. And so are the Henninger Helpful Hints. And Ed’s monthly design column.

All three, now combined with Ed’s web site, at

But, if you’re in a hurry to go right to the blog, then click here.

And…there ya go!

Oh…and get used to it. From now on, the blog, hints and column will continue to be a part of the web site. Right:

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Poll results: Impediments to good design at community newspapers

I’M DISAPPOINTED. I thought there would be more interest.

There wasn’t. Fifteen votes.

Here are the results.

I could go on a rant here about the real answer being “No one at community newspapers gives a damn about design.” But I think I would be wrong…to rant, that is. I’m beginning to think I’m right about no one at community newspapers giving a damn about design. OK, not “no one.” But too many of the editors, managers and publishers at community newspapers continue to demonstrate that they couldn’t care less about design.

How do I know that? I’ve seen their papers.

The correct answer to the poll questions options is: All of the above.

No one is trained.

No one has the time.

No one bothers to plan.

No one offers design leadership.

No one cares about design.

Disagree? Prove me wrong. For every feel-designed community newspaper out there, I can show you at least a dozen that are terrible.

And the sad part of it is that most of the staff and managers at community newspapers have no concept of design. They’re comfortable with what they have…even it it’s ugly, uninspired and uninviting. And they don’t seem to care about making it better.

That’s the disappointment.


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THIS IS THE FIRST, inaugural, original, beginning, initial, opening, introductory installment of Photos of the Week.

The Blue Ridge High School Chapter of Future Farmers of America hosted its 16th annual Farm Day celebration at Lindsey Plantation Saturday. Ian Stiles relaxes in combine tire. Mandy Ferguson | The Greer Citizen

Lily Mannenbach, 4, raises her pom-poms during a dance clinic sponsored by the St. Nicholas School Dance Team at Freedom High School April 28. The Catholic school dance team hosted the clinic for area children, age 3 to fourth grade, to teach dancing skills and teamwork. Sam Lucero | The Compass

A few Canada geese have a quiet morning at the Edisto Memorial Gardens in Orangeburg.  Christopher Huff | The Times & Democrat

 As mentioned last week, the rules for submission to PsW are simple…and there are only two of them:
1. The photo must have been taken by someone on the staff at your newspaper—or for your newspaper by a stringer or contributor. (OK, I expanded the pool a bit with that “stringer or contributor” thing. So…sue me!).
2. The photo must have been published in your newspaper or on your web site.
Please submit the photo as a jpg. Don’t forget to tell us name of the photographer and include a brief note as to when and where the photo was taken, for what purpose, etc.
Otherwise, no gimmicks, no geegaws, no prizes. Just a way to show off your pix and see what others are doing. Comments are welcome, as always.
I’ll continue to post submitted (though not necessarily all) photos here. You know how it works…no submissions, no posting.


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