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Last week to vote! What gets in the way of good design?

HERE’S YOUR LAST CHANCE TO VOTE in the LinkedIn poll. What do you think is the greatest impediment to good design at community newspapers?

Sentiment at this time (see above) is that no one has the time. Lack of training, no planning, lack of leadership and “no one cares” are far outpaced.

What are your thoughts?

Cast your vote—and leave your comments—here!

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Brainstorming: One perspective

TANNER CHRISTENSEN shares some brief thoughts about brainstorming on his blog.

I’ve always considered brainstorming as a kind of group activity. But if you have a “committee inside your head” like I do, it seems only right to take advantage of that.

Here are Tanner’s thoughts on the subject.

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Good design: What gets in the way?

THE POLL CONTINUES. We want to know what you think is the greatest impediment to good design ad community newspapers.

Training? Time? Planning? Lack of leadership? No on cares?

Perhaps you think (as others do) that it really comes down to lack of money.

You’re invited to vote and leave your comments in Ed’s LinkedIn poll.

So, go here and have at it!

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Folding money…literally

WON PARK IS A MASTER of origami, the art of paper folding.

The difference? Park uses the US one dollar bill as his medium.

Fascinating stuff.

Some examples follow. To see these and many more, click here.

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