New feature: Photos of the Week

HERE’S ANOTHER WAY you can be part of Ed Henninger’s Blog! Send in your photos for a Photos of the Week feature. No gimmicks, no geegaws, no prizes. Just a way to show off your pix and see what others are doing. Comments are welcome, as always.
Each week, I’ll post the submitted pix here.
Two rules:
1. The photo must have been taken by someone on the staff at your newspaper. Yes…even the publisher.
2. The photo must have been published in your newspaper or on your web site.
Please submit the photo as a jpg file. Don’t forget to tell us name of the photographer and his/her position at your paper. If you wish, you can include a brief note as to when and where the photo was taken, for what purpose, etc.
You’ve got great pix—share them with us!
This is sooooooo easy.
Ed likes easy.

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