Grammar in a graphic

ME MYSELF IS UNEFFECTED by grammar mistakes—most of the time. But than, once in a while even a curmudgeon editor like I needs some help.

So, I’m grateful to the folks at copyblogger for coming up with this handy graphic. And some of you may went to share this with your editor colleagues. Better yet, post it on a newsroom wall!


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2 responses to “Grammar in a graphic

  1. You forgot to include a sledgehammer with which to get these across to soi-disant professional writers. I always say I can spot a reporter who DIDN’T go to journalism school because he can write and punctuate.

    • Love your last sentence…and I agree. I spent 15 years of my life as a copy editor and I found over time that only those who went to J school were arrogant enough to think they were expert and spelling and grammar.

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