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New feature: Photos of the Week

HERE’S ANOTHER WAY you can be part of Ed Henninger’s Blog! Send in your photos for a Photos of the Week feature. No gimmicks, no geegaws, no prizes. Just a way to show off your pix and see what others are doing. Comments are welcome, as always.
Each week, I’ll post the submitted pix here.
Two rules:
1. The photo must have been taken by someone on the staff at your newspaper. Yes…even the publisher.
2. The photo must have been published in your newspaper or on your web site.
Please submit the photo as a jpg file. Don’t forget to tell us name of the photographer and his/her position at your paper. If you wish, you can include a brief note as to when and where the photo was taken, for what purpose, etc.
You’ve got great pix—share them with us!
This is sooooooo easy.
Ed likes easy.

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The dreaded double do-over

A DOUBLE DO-OVER isn’t quite as severe as a “double-dog dare ya” or the dreaded “triple-dog dare ya” (see A Christmas Story).

Still, it’s pretty strong stuff.

Nonetheless, I’m forced to call a “double do-over” on this week’s next two entries (which were last week’s top two entries…and the same for the week before). Here’s why: I discovered midweek last week that the reason for a strong fall-off in blog views was a problem with my email reminders getting through to subscribers. My apologies for that, but I believe all is fixed now.

1. Please check out the new site at www.henningerconsulting.com. Your comments will help me to improve the site.

2. Take this chance to vote in the poll on impediments to good design at community newspapers. There are only a few votes on the issue now. Let’s know what you think.

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New web site for Henninger Consulting!

AFTER MONTHS OF WORK on content and design, the new Henninger Consulting web site is  up and running!

Well…maybe walking. There are still some nits here and there,  but we expect those to be resolved in the next few days. And we’re still at work on one other page.

Still, it’s lookin’ good and there will be updates to the site as time goes by. One of those updates will be including this blog as part of the site.

If you have a moment, please visit the site at henningerconsulting.com and let us know what you think.

And…stay tuned for those updates!

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Poll results: Impediments to good design

“NO ONE HAS THE TIME.” Forty-four percent of those who voted in the LinkedIn poll say that’s the greatest impediment to good design at community newspapers.

Next highest number was 20 percent of the vote: “No one is trained to do quality design.” At 17 percent, “No one offers design leadership” received 5 of the 29 total votes. “No one bothers to plan” was the choice of 3 voters and “No one cares about design” received 2 votes.

Clearly, the respondents on LinkedIn feel that lack of time is the major barrier to good design at community newspapers.

Now it’s your turn.

The same poll, the same questions—but here on the blog, where access isn’t quite so limited as it is on LinkedIn.

Here’s the poll. Vote now!

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Grammar in a graphic

ME MYSELF IS UNEFFECTED by grammar mistakes—most of the time. But than, once in a while even a curmudgeon editor like I needs some help.

So, I’m grateful to the folks at copyblogger for coming up with this handy graphic. And some of you may went to share this with your editor colleagues. Better yet, post it on a newsroom wall!


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