6 responses to “Pages from: Michael Smith | Carolina Forest Chronicle

  1. When I got the first glimpse of the Girl Scout page, I was really taken by its design. Very nice! The artwork was well crafted and it’s obvious that the graphic designer researched the Girl Scout sash and the placement of badges and pins. The stacked headline was equally clean and well placed.
    The page with the traffic was also nice. Reminds me of a double page spread I did for a coffee table book years ago. I wish my publisher would let us get away with a six column wide photo caption. If that caption had been broken into two columns it would have detracted from the effect. I liked how the windfall wish list subhead subliminally draws the reader to the holiday story.
    The page with the coach’s story was a little busy for me but it’s still nicely crafted. I can’t tell if that’s a shadow on the coach’s knockout. It looks soft and I would have gone with a sharper edge on that photo since it is an edgy story. But that’s my personal preference.

  2. Kristin Coker

    Michael, good job! I think great minds think alike, because I did a similar design for the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts too. I like yours better though. I love the typography you used in the headline and it just flows really beautifully. I also like the nameplate where it is. Sometimes you have to think of the whole package and not just some of its parts. Good job.

  3. Robert

    Good Morning Michael
    I was employed by CCU as a Police Officer, I have a few things to comment on, situation that are being over looked there. If you would like to know more contact me.

  4. Scott M. Brings Plenty

    I really like the main packages on these pages especially the Girls Scouts page…nice work!

    The only thing I see is that the nameplate area seems very crowded to me…lots of ancilliary type there…but, that’s just me.

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone! I can’t take credit for designing the Girl Scout sash. Chris Mowder designed the sash and I flowed in the content around it. We were handcuffed on the traffic trail A1; we were told from above the website promo had to run on A1 with the art you see. We’ve also been trying (since we are a community newspaper) to put features on A1, even if the design or news of the week dictates otherwise. Not necessarily a CP, but A1 nonetheless.

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