One response to “Pages from: Bob Simmonds | Index-Journal

  1. Kristin Coker

    Hi Bob, If you want, I could come by and we could bounce around ideas. LOL! By the way, I’m not Ed’s protege he’s my guru!
    But, getting back to critiques. I like the pants idea, but I would have done a few things different. 1. Think how the ENTIRE page will look, not just parts of it. Try putting a new spin on the mast. Take the rule lines off, shade it to the same color as the pants. Think outside the box (or pants) 2. Instead of having your top two photos just hanging out up top, make them have a purpose. I probably would have made them look like pockets for the pants. Do a little photoshop here and there and it might have looked awsome. 3. Ed’s right about the color in the headline. Choose one color, too many looks a little cheesy. Bringing the headline out of the pants might have been better too. Plus, I don’t know if Ed noticed this either, but I had a big laugh over it. The word “focus” in your subhead definitely had me FOCUSED on the crack in the pants.

    Also, Yellow is a hard color to work with and even harder to print well. Maybe a shade of red, or a color that had tones in the picture above would have worked better. Always work with what you’ve got. It’ll look cohesive.

    I loved the “wild” page. It looks really creative. I like “Papyrus” by the way, but you do have to watch the tracking.

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