2 responses to “Pages from: Marah Pahl | Kanabec Publications

  1. Marc Stumbo

    I agree with Ed about the nameplate. At first glance at the oval photos, I thought the people pictured had died in the fire until I read the headline next to them. Oval photos remind me of obituaries. These could have run with the jump and simplified the page design, giving more impact to an already very strong photo. Oval and notched-corner photos should be eliminated as a design option.

    I think drop shadows should be used on standing heads and feature story kickers, not news story heads.

    A baseline grid is sorely needed – I didn’t use one until I started reading Ed’s column … wouldn’t lay out a page without one now. The graduated tint at the bottom of the lead photo and no space separating the photo from the dateline banner in the nameplate takes away from the news story feel. And the full line lead between graphs is very odd to me. Nothing separates the feature pic/cap of the snowy owl from the rest of the packages on the page; at first glance I scanned the stories to see what that went with.

    On the jump, the jump slug would be better in column, not up against the headline. The head shots of the three survivors would have done a lot to break up the grayness of this page. The extra space between graphs is very distracting here given the amount of copy. All of the design elements are at the right side of the page; the sidebar could have spanned the 1st and 2nd columns at the bottom and broken up the grayness of the copy, as well as shortening two of the story legs. I would have reversed the photo usage; the fire shot is the better photo to use large, the aftermath could have been just as effective smaller. I’m OK with the tint behind the sidebar, just not that color. White space with more indent all around would have done the same thing. The 35 lines or so saved by not adding the extra space after each paragraph could have been used to add white space around the sidebar and make the secondary photo bigger.

    This package lends itself to one of the Edisms I have picked up from this blog: Write a synopsis of the story to fit the space on pg 1, then run the full package inside, (teased from pg 1), thus eliminating the jump.

  2. Scott M. Brings Plenty

    Ditto on most of the comments…the top photo is just awesome!! Way to play it big. I just wish that maybe the front page would have been cleared out for just that story. It had to be the lead story of the week.

    The front page is just too crowded…maybe decide on how many stories to feature there on most days as opposed to crowding what will fit…it just needs some serious room to breathe.

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