5 responses to “Page from: Ben Garrett | Independent Herald

  1. I, too, like the spacing, with the exception of the space above the lead story headline. Seems to be a bit too much there. I don’t agree that the heading the school story is too heavy, as it looks to be below the fold, but I think a word or two could have been trimmed from the hospital head to get it bigger and bolder. Overall I like the layout, though.

  2. Kristin Coker

    Like Ed, I found some wonderful aspects to the page and some detractors. But they are all cosmetic and can be improved.
    Ed is right about the nameplate. Start by having a meeting with your publisher and editor and look into making a redesign. Take in thier thoughts but make sure you come to the table with some new alternatives that you could show them. I would start with eliminating at least most of the color. I’m mainly talking about the orange. You can have color, but use it as an accent. You want your paper to have the focus not the color.
    Having the name in one font is worth looking at too. If you want to vary the look between “Independent” and “Herald,” then try a bold face of the same font on either word and see how that looks. Think simple but elegant.
    One more thing: Look at other papers, look online at snd.org. You could get inspired just by looking at others’ work and gain some new ideas and perspective because design is always a changing process.

  3. David Merrill

    I agree with most of the above except Ed’s problem with the paragraph indents: I think they’re just right. I view them the same way I view the air between items that sets them off so well from each other and gives the page an open feel.

  4. Thanks Ed and everyone else for your critique and comments. The comments regarding the nameplate are especially well-taken. It was one of those things that seemed good at the time…

    • Ben: Please understand that the severity of my “just-this-side of hideous” comment is meant to focus your immediate attention on the problem. It is in no way a statement that I think you can’t improve your nameplate.

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