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A list worth learning

HERE’S A LIST worth taping to your wall.

Care to add a tenth item to this list? Comment with your ideas.

BTW, do you know why we humans think in tens?

Here’s a hint: Look at your hands…or…your feet.


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SND picks 5 of the world’s best-designed newspapers

THE JUDGES AT SND, the Society for News Design, have named five of the world’s best-designed newspapers.

It’s interesting that two of them are both in Toronto. Also interesting that one web site (here’s the link) claims that one of the winners  (here’s that link) “grabbed” its design. Hmmm….

The story about the winners is here.

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Video: The Page Turner

NEED HELP TURNING the pages of your newspaper? OK…no, you don’t.

But if you did…uhhhh… just go here and watch. And have a cuppa coffee while you enjoy.

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