Foto fixing fotog fired

A RECENT POLL here drew a number of comments about what’s acceptable practice when retouching photos. We later reported on the surprising results…and further comments.

Now comes this story of a Sacramento Bee photographer being fired after manipulating multiple photos.

Seems to me there’s some room for manipulation in feature or posed shots, but not spot news photos. And, yes, I understand and appreciate the arguments about the “slippery slope.”

I think I, too, would have fired the guy.

What do you think?

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One response to “Foto fixing fotog fired

  1. I wouldn’t have fired him. In the old days, there were ways to manipulate the photo as well – creative use of dodge and burn could have enhanced the flames of his photo subject similar to the way he enhanced them in Photoshop. The difference being there wouldn’t have been an original to testify any difference. So far as the picture of the egrets that he spliced, as I see it, that was a feature shot, so it shouldn’t have been even held to the same litmus as a news picture. I’ve bumped heads with a lead photog in the past that was so gung-ho about “factual photos,” that she didn’t even believe in making sillos or overlapping two photos of different subjects on a feature piece. Fortunately I was in a ranking position when it came to butting heads and I won.

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