Web design goes to hell

THIS HAPPENS. A LOT. Not only to web designers, but to other designers (yrs truly included) as well.

Those of you who are designers know what I’m talking about. You will laugh/cry at this link: How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell at the oatmeal.com.

And it isn’t only web or publication design. If you’re an ad designer, you’ve had this happen to you about, oh…a bazillion times!

Thanks to follower Laurie Shillings for sending this one along.



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4 responses to “Web design goes to hell

  1. Thanks for the laugh!
    In a previous job, I was designing a brochure for a Mennonite cattleman who was selling Piedmontese cows and emphasizing how great they were for restaurant beef, i.e. steaks!
    He wanted a leather background on the cover of the brochure. As you well know, leather backgrounds aren’t in regular clipart so I went trolling on the internet and found a whole bunch of them on a tannery site. (Note: My internet search was “backgrounds + leather.”) I cloned and pieced, forming my own background.
    Most of the time, the man liked to sit beside me while I worked and he made these strange sounds while I worked. “Um, um, um, yeah, yeah, yeah, um, yes, yes, um” as I moved text or photos around. You would think he was watching porn. On this particular day, he perched himself next to my computer and pointed out his likes and dislikes on the brochure. He didn’t like my leather background and wanted to see some other samples.
    I hadn’t written down my source for the leather swatches so I duplicated my web search…or so I thought. This time I typed in “leather + backgrounds” and hit the search button. I never saw so many S&M sites in one place! Leather chaps, leather dog collars, and leather contraptions that were pretty strange looking.
    I quickly killed the page and bumbled an apology to him. There he sat, looking at my dark screen, tapping his fingertips together at chest level, replying “My, my, the world doth cometh to us.”
    If I hadn’t been so mortified I would have burst out laughing.

  2. Denise Jorgensen

    I work designing ads at the Harrison Daily Times. We had a politician whose mommy did a lot of the “designing” for us. Yeesh. This comic and Karen’s story made me smile widely. Thanks!

  3. Jack

    I already am a big fan of The Oatmeal, and this one really hit home. I shared it with several graphic design and web designery friends.

    That being said, along with what Karen and Denise said above … a few months ago we were running several ads for some guy running for a state rep. seat — and these ads were terrible! It became a Monday morning tradition to make fun of how bad they were when we received them. “Why you should vote for Jim: Because his mother says he would be the best man for the job, and mother knows best!” He literally had that as the tagline for several of his ads. Ohh, the pain.

  4. My favorite was working at the Rock Hill Herald for one advertiser – a car dealer – he basically drew out what he wanted on his car ad every. single. week, and sent it via the ad exec to me. And he would come to stand over my shoulder each Wednesday while I built the ad, and tell me to do things like “Hey, put that car upside down, that’ll get it attention!”

    I managed to resist grabbing my desk lamp and beating him with it every single week, until I found my next paper to work for, and thus removed the object of my pain.

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