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It’s a typewriter. It’s a computer. It’s a…huh?

HERE’S A GADGET RON POPIEL would kill for!

It’s one of those “Dunno where they got this idea!” products…and it will probably sell, especially to those who still miss the clatter of typewriter keys and the clunk of the carriage return.

If you long for the days when you cranked out copy on your old Underwood, you may just be interested. If not, it’s worth a chuckle.

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Video: One second of beauty

HERE’S AN INTERESTING CONCEPT: Shoot one second of beauty. One second…that’s all you get. And beauty? Well, we all know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?

The video is in many ways compelling. It is calming. It is thought-provoking. I dare you to watch it only once.

I wonder if there are any parallels to this in our static, analog world of words. Perhaps it’s one word…only one…that possesses a beauty all its own. Words like:






What’s your most beautiful word? Do you have one?

Hmmm…just thinkin’.




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Still Appealing: The Monroe County Appeal

THAT NEWSPAPER YOU SEE in Norman Rockwell’s famous painting, “The Country Editor”…well, it’s still going strong and still serving its community.

A recent story from The Seattle Times starts:

“PARIS, Mo. – The manual typewriters are gone, replaced by Power Macintoshes. A printer’s devil no longer sprints around the office as press time nears – these days, the newspaper is printed in another town.

But otherwise, things haven’t really changed much in the 50 years since Norman Rockwell immortalized the weekly Monroe County Appeal with his painting of “The Country Editor.”

The newspaper is still all local, the news mostly good… ”

You might enjoy the read.

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