Vote on it! Why community newspapers matter

LAST WEEK I PROMISED copies of both my books to the best comment on “Why community newspapers matter.” Must’ve been a busy week for blog followers: I got only three comments. And I like them all.

So…let’s have you decide.

Take a look at the comments under last week’s post and cast your vote for which of the three you think is the best. I’ll tally the votes soon. Winner gets a free pdf copy of both Henninger on Design and 101 Henninger Helpful Hints.

And…when you finish voting, send along your comments. As noted in the top post this week, any published comments will get you a free pdf copy of Henninger on Design.

Vote now. Comment now. Let’s show why community newspapers matter.

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One response to “Vote on it! Why community newspapers matter

  1. Trevor Weeding

    Trevor Weeding • Disclaimer: I’m stealing one of my boss’s oft-used pieces of wisdom here; although I wish I’d been the one to originally express this though. :) “Community newspapers are a community having a conversation with itself.”

    They are not just ‘important’ – they are a vital part of the communities they serve. Community newspapers, I believe, have often unwittingly tried to define the community for themselves, generally using their distribution footprint as the definition of the local community. In reality, most community newspapers will serve multiple communities, defined by a range of factors (Municipal boundaries, suburban boundaries, ethnic backgrounds, etc).

    Community newspapers matter because they give each of these communities an opportunity to talk amongst themselves and to each other. They inform, entertain and educate their readers and, in doing so, provide communities with their voice.

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