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Change of course on web site

SOME OF YOU MAY BE WONDERING when, oh when (if ever!) is Ed gonna launch the new web site.

The answer is: Not now. And not soon.

We’re at a turning point in the process and that change of direction is going to take us some more time. But it’s important for us to get it done right. Just like I tell publishers when I’m working on redesigns of their newspapers: “I’d rather take the time to get it right than hurry and get it wrong.”

So…we are taking the time to get it right.

And we’ll let you know when we’re ready.


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Why community newspapers matter

DO YOU EVER GET THE FEELING that what you’re doing at a small newspaper doesn’t matter for much? That you can’t change the world—or bring meaning to people’s lives—as a staffer at The Bedford Falls Sentinel…or wherever?

Get rid of that feeling—because what you do is important and what you do does matter to your readers and your community. The future of metro and regional newspapers may be in doubt. But not community newspapers.

Here’s an article that explains why.

Once you’ve read it, post it for everyone at your newspaper to see. Better yet, copy it and distribute it. And make it required reading.

It’s really that important…because what you do is really that important.

Send in your comments…let us know what you think. Best commentary on this wins a free copy of both of Ed’s books!


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Ad clutter on your web site?

FRÉDÉRIC FILLOUX AT THE GUARDIAN thinks most web sites suffer from ad clutter.

Is yours one of them?

Is it possible to have too many ads on your web front page? From what I’ve seen on many sites, the answer is a resounding “YES!”

Check his arguments here…then decide for yourself.

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iPhoneography: The future for community newspapers?

ANYONE WHO KNOWS ME knows I’m a big fan of Apple products. During a recent visit with a client in San Francisco, I took an hour out one evening to visit the flagship Apple store there. I later joked with my older daughter (also an Apple fan) that they threw me out of the store…for excessive drooling.

So I’ve read with interest recent suggestions on the internet that newspapers should look into providing staffers with the iPhone 3Gs. That model is now free with an AT&T contract.

Among the advantages of a reporter/photographer having an iPhone 3Gs:

1. A 5 megapixel camera.

2. A video camera.

3. All pix and vids can be immediately uploaded to your office.

4. It can be used to transmit a screen shot of a map from the location of a breaking story.

5. It is a phone and it can be used to keep in touch with the office—or make calls to sources.

So, the idea is intriguing.

A recent conference in San Francisco (where else?) was devoted to a new skill: iPhoneography.

From the report:

“The iPhone (only one of many camera-equipped phones) was the clear winner of the day—most 1197 speakers and attendees owned iPhones, and admitted that it is their most frequently used camera. In fact, when one speaker asked the crowd who didn’t use an iPhone for mobile photography, less than half a dozen hands went up.

Attendee Cheri Fulk, who received her degree in photography, says she usually carries around her iPhone and another camera, yet still takes more pictures with the former. ‘I like the immediacy and flexibility of [the iPhone],’ she said.”

Is iPhoneography the future for community newspapers? Can’t say for sure…but it may be the present.

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