Cool pix…from a different perspective

FROM MY FRIEND KAREN GEARY: “You like stuff like this.”

She’s right. I do like stuff like this.

Some of these photos are cool, some fascinating, some a bit clichéd. But they’re always fun to look at. And they can add to the way you think about all the photos in your future.



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2 responses to “Cool pix…from a different perspective

  1. Not only do community newspapers shine a light on local government, they report on everything that matters to an individual; from covering the local little league games to political issues that affect their daily lives. Community newspapers are invested in the local economy; informing citizens when a new business comes to town as well as how changes in a proposed zoning ordinance might impact housing and/or their way of life. They are the recorded story of the community; containing history that is accessible, printed, and in many cases, in scrapbooks, and historical societies throughout the town.

  2. Community newspapers are the laboratories for the new paradigm in journalism. If only we could convince journalism schools of that rather obvious truth.
    Hidebound journalism instructors are the root of this problem. When members of our local editorial association tried to convince the j-school faculty at one of our regional universities to begin a ‘community journalism’ track as a means to convince journalism students that weeklies offer opportunities for careers and not just stepping stones to exalted dailies, the professors there turned us down flat. “Journalism is journalism,” they said. “The same skills that apply to dailies apply to weeklies.” Anyone who has ever worked in the community newspaper world knows how farcical that statement is, yet the ivory tower faculty simply refused to evolve.

    If community papers were able to match their ability to provide unique content to a group of readers who thirst for it with the technological capabilities of twenty-something journalism graduates, it would create a powerful force in journalism. They need our experience and skill in navigating the sometimes dangerous world of reporting on ‘people we know’, and we need their ability in, and understanding of, high-tech possibilities.

    Community journalists tread the untrammeled ground that focuses like a laser on the small towns and neighborhoods where our readers live, and therein lies our strength. You can get your state, national, and world news from any number of sources–television, the radio, the internet–but you can only read about the goings-on in your neighborhood in a community newspaper.

    Mike Conley, Editor and Publisher
    The Trenton Sun
    Trenton, Illinois

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