Logo secrets revealed…and…a winner!

LAST WEEK’S BLOG POSTS included a quick contest with some commonplace logos (OK, maybe two or three not so commonplace). The rules were simple:

1. I show the logos.

2. You get to tell me what you see in those logos.

3. Winner gets a free pdf copy of Henninger on Design.

There were about a dozen entries (not bad for winging’ it), some right on the mark, others a bit off. First entry with correct answers came from (fanfare!) Josh Dewberry. Here are his answers (in two parts—Josh forgot the Baskin Robbins logo in his first comment):

In the Tostitos, the two lower case “t’s” see also two people sharing a chip; the F1 logo uses negative space to form the 1; the mitt in the Brewers logo forms a “m” and a “b”; what appears at first glance to be a “w” is also a “n” with a little negative space; from a to z; I can’t be certain, as I’m viewing this on a tablet device, but I think I see a bear in the negative space in the mountain; and, of course, the arrow made by the negative space between the “x” and “E”.

Oh and 31 in the BR

Josh’s comments—and those of other entrants—are in the comments accompanying the original contest post from last week.

Congrats to Josh—and thanks to the rest of you who entered. This was a tough one because most entries were very good. But I had to go with Josh because he was there “the firstest with the mostest.”

There’ll be more fun contests as we go along. If you offer a contest idea that I can use, you’ll also get a free copy of Henninger on Design. Or…101 Henninger Helpful Hints. Or…both!


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