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Cat got your tongue-in-cheek?

CATVERTISING: Is it the next big thing in marketing? Will it become as ubiquitous as babes in beer commercials? Will the kitties eat the AFLAC duck for lunch?

The answer may lie in this video highlighting the fascinating new trend.

Or…maybe not.

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Your winner: Joe Shaw

JOE SHAW, EXECUTIVE EDITOR at The Southampton Press, wins a free copy of both Henninger on Design and 101 Henninger Helpful Hints.

The tally was small, but Joe easily outpaced the other entries of a couple of weeks ago.

Since then, there have been dozens of excellent comments.

So you don’t have to go searching, here are Joe’s original comments:

“The first week of my first job as editor of a small weekly newspaper in western Pennsylvania, the biggest thrill I got was stopping by the grocery store, shortly after the paper was delivered, and watching everyone who passed, it seemed, pick up a copy.

At lunch that day, I watched a man sit and read the paper from cover to cover—every single word, even deep into the 50-inch school board story I had written, That was when I feel in love with community journalism.

There are gaudier places to work, publications with exponentially more readership, and nameplates where your byline will make you rich and famous. But there is no place in journalism—nowhere, where you will have a more direct impact on your readers, and your community. Everything a community newspaper does, matters.”

Congratulations, Joe! Hope you enjoy the books!

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Designers and print: The real thing

GORDON KAYE, editor and publisher of Graphic Design USA magazine, says “It may surprise you to know that more than 90 percent of professional graphic designers still work on print as part of their mix and that nearly 75 percent of their projects involve a print component.”

He mentions four basic reasons why graphic designers and other creative professionals continue to view print as central to their personal and professional lives.

This is must reading for every newspaper designer—as well as editors, publishers and ad directors. And when you finish it, print it out and post it on your bulletin board!

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It’s time for us to tell others: Why community newspapers matter

Norman Rockwell: The Country Editor

(I’m told that’s Rockwell himself walking in the door!)

IT’S TIME WE GAVE community newspapers the credibility and respect they’ve earned—and we can lead that effort. Right here.

Like you, I’m tired of community newspapers being considered the “bottom of the heap.”

Like you, I’m tired of young journalists considering community newspapers a place to learn the business before they go on the “greatness” at The New York Times, The Washington Post or USA TODAY.

It’s about time journalists understand and appreciate the value of what all of those small newspapers do for readers and their communities.

If you work at a small newspaper, let’s let the world know why you are so dedicated to what you do. Why you spend 60 hours a week at our job. Why the good of your community is always the focus of your day. You may be the publisher, the editor, the advertising director, the circulation director, a reporter, a photographer. Whatever you do at a community newspaper, it’s time to let others know how much your newspaper means to your town.

So, here’s the deal I’m offering: Anyone…anyone…whose comments about community journalism are published on this blog will receive a free pdf copy of my book, Henninger on Design. It’s yours just for joining me in this mission to give community newspapers—and the people who work there—the respect they deserve.

Want to know more about Henninger on DesignCheck it out here.

Joining me on this mission is easy. Just tell me why community newspapering matters to you. Give us your insights, based on your experience. You’ll receive the book with my compliments.

Please include your name, position, name of your newspaper and location. If you can, also send along a mug shot, a photo of your newsroom or the exterior of of your building. Or maybe you can send a pdf of your newspaper’s nameplate. I’d like to have those to run with your comments.
Like you, I believe small newspapers are the heartbeat of their communities. Let’s let others hear that heartbeat: strong, long, loud and clear.


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Vote on it! Why community newspapers matter

LAST WEEK I PROMISED copies of both my books to the best comment on “Why community newspapers matter.” Must’ve been a busy week for blog followers: I got only three comments. And I like them all.

So…let’s have you decide.

Take a look at the comments under last week’s post and cast your vote for which of the three you think is the best. I’ll tally the votes soon. Winner gets a free pdf copy of both Henninger on Design and 101 Henninger Helpful Hints.

And…when you finish voting, send along your comments. As noted in the top post this week, any published comments will get you a free pdf copy of Henninger on Design.

Vote now. Comment now. Let’s show why community newspapers matter.

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Show us your banner!


If she hasn’t already, the boss is gonna approach you sometime this week and ask you if you can do something “holiday-ish” for the Thanksgiving Day nameplate.

What do you do this year…that you haven’t done before? What can you create that’s interesting to look at, easy to read, in the holiday mood and not cliché.

Not an easy task at all. And some ideas work better than others.

If you come up with something that you like, share it here. Perhaps it’s just the thing to get someone else’s juices flowing.

And perhaps it will give someone else an idea for what they can do next year.

…or for Christmas.

…or for New Year’s Day

…or for Super Bowl.

…or for…well, you get the idea.

And if you’ve got the idea, share it here.

Show us your banner!

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What was she thinking?

CONSIDER SUBSCRIBING to “Common Sense Journalism,” a blog from friend and fellow consultant Doug Fisher.

From a recent post: “…I’m reading a fanciful post on Mel Taylor Media of what Steve Jobs would do if he were running a newspaper, and embedded in the middle is this YouTube video of a woman – journalist apparently – wishing ads on the Internet would just go away. We’d all go to a donation system, etc. etc.”

Doug titles his post “At once perceptive and arrogant – Part 2.”

Who is this woman…and what planet did she come from?

I could rant here, but it’d probably be better for you to read Doug’s post instead.

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iPhoneography part II: Annie Liebovitz says iPhone is today’s snapshot camera

PHOTOGRAPHER ANNIE LIEBOVITZ is known for her portraits of rock stars, Queen Elizabeth II and  others among the rich and famous.

During a recent interview with news anchor Brian Williams, Liebovitz labeled the iPhone as the “snapshot camera of today.”

“It’s a pencil, it’s a pen, it’s a notebook…”

Here’s a link to the video.

Why do we care? See last week’s post: iPhoneography: The future for community newspapers?

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Change of course on web site

SOME OF YOU MAY BE WONDERING when, oh when (if ever!) is Ed gonna launch the new web site.

The answer is: Not now. And not soon.

We’re at a turning point in the process and that change of direction is going to take us some more time. But it’s important for us to get it done right. Just like I tell publishers when I’m working on redesigns of their newspapers: “I’d rather take the time to get it right than hurry and get it wrong.”

So…we are taking the time to get it right.

And we’ll let you know when we’re ready.


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Why community newspapers matter

DO YOU EVER GET THE FEELING that what you’re doing at a small newspaper doesn’t matter for much? That you can’t change the world—or bring meaning to people’s lives—as a staffer at The Bedford Falls Sentinel…or wherever?

Get rid of that feeling—because what you do is important and what you do does matter to your readers and your community. The future of metro and regional newspapers may be in doubt. But not community newspapers.

Here’s an article that explains why.

Once you’ve read it, post it for everyone at your newspaper to see. Better yet, copy it and distribute it. And make it required reading.

It’s really that important…because what you do is really that important.

Send in your comments…let us know what you think. Best commentary on this wins a free copy of both of Ed’s books!


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