Logo secrets

LET’S PLAY. It’s simple: I show you the logos…and you tell me what you see.

Best response wins a free pdf copy of Henninger on Design.

See? Simple.

1. Tostitos

2. Formula 1

3. Milwaukee Brewers

4. Northwest Airlines

5. amazon.com

6. Toblerone

7. Baskin Robbins

8. FedEx



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13 responses to “Logo secrets

  1. In the Tostitos, the two lower case “t’s” see also two people sharing a chip; the F1 logo uses negative space to form the 1; the mitt in the Brewers logo forms a “m” and a “b”; what appears at first glance to be a “w” is also a “n” with a little negative space; from a to z; I can’t be certain, as I’m viewing this on a tablet device, but I think I see a bear in the negative space in the mountain; and, of course, the arrow made by the negative space between the “x” and “E”.

  2. Kristin Coker

    1. I see two friends sharing a chip in the middle between the two ts and the i.
    2. There’s a “1” between the F and 1.
    3. There is a “m” in the upper right corner of the mit with the “b” in the lower left of the mit.
    4. The “N” and “W” in the Northwest logo.
    5. The “A” to “Z” is shown in the Amazon.com logo.
    6. There’s some kind of animal in mountain on the Toblerone logo. Can’t tell if it is a horse or what.
    7. The “31” in Baskin Robbins logo is seen. For 31 flavors. Yummy!
    8. FedEx: a combination of Federal and Express?

  3. Logo secrets:
    1. Tostitos
    I see 2 figures trying to dip a tortila chip into a bowl of salsa.

    2. Formula
    I see the letter 1 in the negative shape.

    3. Milwaukee Brewers
    I see a baseball globe that has the letters b and m as the fingers and thumb.

    4. Northwest Airlines
    I see the W in the negative space next to N.

    5. Amazon.com
    I see the arrow pointing from letter a to z, very clever!

    6. Toblerone
    I see the white silhouette of a horse on its hind legs in frotn of the Swiss Alps.

    7. Baskin Robbins
    I see 31 Flavors of Ice Cream in pink!

    I see the white arrow between E and x pointing to its fast forward motion of delivery!

  4. Mary

    I am not a graphics person, but I love logos!! The creativity and the messages behind them amaze me. Thanks for posting this exercise/contest. I see:
    1. Two friends enjoying a bowl of delicious dip with a Tostitos chip.
    2. There is a 1 in the middle, and the red lines make it look like its moving. Fast.
    3. There is an M and a B in the logo, a picture pf a baseball glove.
    4. There is an N and a W in one.
    5. I think this one is a double message. The arrow goes from A to Z. But it also looks like a smiley face!
    6. There is totally a bear in the mountain.
    7. 31 Flavors!
    8. The E and X form an arrow.
    Thanks, Ed!

  5. 1.the two people in the logo
    2.Black F and Red 1 match Formula 1
    3.The M and B in the mitt
    4.Arrow pointing west by the N
    5.Amazon carries everything from A-Z
    6.Animal in the mountain
    7.31 in the BR
    8.Arrow in the E and X

  6. Okay, I guess I’ll dive in here.

    1. The T’s are sharing a tortilla chip over a bowl of salsa formed by the dot on the I.

    2. The 1 is formed by the negative space between the F and the red pointy thingies. (That would be the technical term, I believe.) :)

    3. The fingers of the glove form the M while the thumb and palm form the B. I think I also see a glass of beer from the top in the baseball (white foam and a little streak of gold underneath), but maybe I’m just looking forward to Miller time too much.

    4. The upper left corner of the W is separated in such a way as to leave an N in the rest of the polygon, and the extra piece forms an arrow pointing to the northwest.

    5. The arrow points from A to Z. The curve in the bottom of the Z kind of suggests that it’s being nudged upward, giving a slight sense of movement.

    6. The snow on the mountain shows a bear, as well as what appears to be a leaping fish and a flying bird.

    7. The 31 in the BR logo refers to the chain’s 31 flavors.

    8. The negative space between the E and the X forms an arrow.

    (Ed, I know this goes into moderation before it’s posted, so I should tell you that I’ve seen some of these before. If you want to disqualify my answers because of that, I understand.)

  7. 1. Two stylized people preparing to dip a tortilla chip in some salsa. Tostitos is known for its tortilla chips, salsas, and other dips.
    2. An “F” in dark blue, “1” in the negative space in the middle, and the red speed-whoosh on the right. F1 is another name for Formula One, an open-wheel racing circuit known for much higher speeds than stock car racing.
    3. “M” is the fingers and “b” is the thumb and palm of a stylized baseball mitt, catching a baseball. Noteable, because the Milwaukee Brewers are a professional baseball franchise.
    4. The part of the “W” that is separated from the “N” is a compass needle pointing which direction?
    5. The arrow under the logo goes “from A to Z.”
    6. There is a bear silhouette in the Matterhorn, a famous mountain in the Alps with a distinctive peak.
    7. The pink part of the initials is “31,” a reference to Baskin Robbins’ 31 flavors of ice cream.
    8. There is an arrow pointing to the right in the negative space between the E and the X.

    Another example of a logo with stealth significance is the University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff. The lion’s mane spells out UAPB.

  8. jp

    1. The two T’s in “Tostitos” represent two people sharing chips over a bowl of salsa on the “I”
    2. The number 1 is created by the negative space between the letter F and the motion lines.
    3. The baseball mitt shape in the Milwaukee Brewers’ logo is composed of the letters M and B, the initials of the team name.
    4. The N in the Northwest Airlines logo can also appear as a W when including the “point” shape. The logo itself resembles a compass, with the point indicating a northwest direction.
    5. Amazon’s logo includes an arrow going from A to Z (indicating they have “everything from A to Z”?), and also resembles a smile.
    6. Not sure about this one, but there appears to be animal shape within the negative space of the mountain in the Toblerone logo.
    7. Portions of the B and R in Baskin Robbins logo are set in a different color to make the number 31, their famous number of flavors.
    8. The area between the E and X of the FedEx logo creates an arrow shape. (Incidentally, since FedEx is short for Federal Express, isn’t it redundant that their logo therefore says “Federal Express Express”?

  9. Tostitos: I see people eating sala.
    F1: Not sure, but do I see an Indian head?
    Brewers: Classic! M and B
    Northwest: Compass?
    Amazon: The A and Z connecting the arrow look like different fonts?
    Toblerone: Mountain goat rising up in mountain.
    Baskin Robbins: 31 in the pink.
    FedEx: Arrow between E annd X (I think I saw Fred Smith discussing this when he purchased the ill-fated Memphis Mad Dogs in my beloved Canadian Football League’s ill-fated U.S. expansion of the 1990s).

  10. 1. The “t-i-t” of Tostitos forms two people over a bowl of salsa with a triangle Tostitos chip.

    2. The black forms the letter F and the negative space between the black and red forms a number 1.

    3. The glove is formed from the letter M (fingers) and the letter B (thumb) – initials of the Milwaukee Brewers.

    4. Within the circle is the is a slanted letter N. The W is formed with the N and an arrow pointing “west.” The circle harks back to when the company was named Northwest Oriental Airlines.

    5. The yellow arrow points from A to Z referring to the alphabet and books. It’s a curve, suggesting a grin. It also refers to the fact they have everything from A to Z.

    6. There’s a bear in there mountain!

    7. The pink in the initials BR is the number 31, referring to their company slogan of having 31 favors of ice cream.

    8. Between the E and the X is an arrow suggesting on the go.

  11. Michelle

    These are great. There are definitely a couple things here I’ve never noticed before. But I’ve already got a copy of the CD, so I’ll leave the prize competition for the others.

  12. Aaron

    Tostitos = Two people enjoying chips and salsa
    F1 = The 1
    Brewers = The Glove
    Northwest = ?
    Amazon = A thru Z
    Toblerone = The Bear in the Mountains
    Baskin Robins = 31 for amount of flavors
    FedEx = The Arrow

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