Pages from: Julie Holcombe | The Greer Citizen

FOOTBALL SEASON is well underway, but Julie sent along some exciting pages from The Greer Citizen’s pre-season tab. They just didn’t make it here the first time around, but Ed’s sure glad Julie followed up.


This year, our sports editor wanted to focus on a senior player from each of the five schools our paper covers. (Chosen by the coaches.) His theme was “Going Out In Style.” To that end, we chose a fashion magazine-type design for the section. Partnering with a local clothing store, we had the players model at their respective schools in a photo shoot by our photographer Mandy Ferguson. Each school had a one-and-a-half page photo spread/article and a page with roster/breakdown/schedules.

Overall, we were pretty happy with the results. Although, as with anything there was some Monday morning quarterbacking (we should have included the last names on the centerspread, for example).

Attached are the cover, samples from a couple of the schools and the centerspread.

Julie Holcombe


Thanks to Julie for making the second effort to get these pages to us! This is an interesting approach, well done. It’s very attractive, in part because of the use of generous negative space—proof that you don’t have to cram every column inch of space full of text!

The concept is refreshing and it’s well executed.

I’m a fan!



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3 responses to “Pages from: Julie Holcombe | The Greer Citizen

  1. That is a NICE looking section and creative use of reporting and advertising. Stats and styles – clever!

  2. Denise Jorgensen

    Oooh, I’d better not show this to our sports editor; he’ll want to steal it! I love the idea! File it under “Things I Wish I’d Thought Of”.

  3. Marcus

    It really is a great idea.
    What did your readers say about it in terms of content? Were they happy with the amount of print to the amount of art?

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