A new place, a new direction


But it’s time for a change.

And the changes you’ll see on this blog will be exciting!

First, the blog will soon be incorporated into an entirely new web site. We’ve been working on that for the past couple of months and I expect it to be a leap forward. You should see the results in a few days. When you do, please let me know what you think and how you feel we can improve the site.

Second, this blog is taking a new direction. I’ve had the feeling for some time that the page evaluation process has been to narrow and too negative. And though I am very grateful to you who have submitted your work for review, the appeal is just too limited.

I’d like to offer a broader perspective on design and the visual arts. Yes, this blog will continue to focus on newspapers and print design, but there are many other visual pieces and videos out there to stir our souls and get our creative juices flowing. That’s what I’m hoping to bring to you—and what I look forward to you sharing with others.

And…there are issues that occasionally need to be addressed.

And…there are questions that need to be asked.

And…there are fun things to see.

You have been very supportive during the life of this blog—and I hope I can continue to count on you for that. So please send me a quick note (with a link, if you can) when you see something exciting and different that we can share here.

Yes, it’s been a great ride.

Now…let’s ride on!



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One response to “A new place, a new direction

  1. Scott M. Brings Plenty

    Just wanted to say thank you for all of the help you’ve given me in the past year! I think my page design skills are still somewhat elementary, but at least maybe now I’m in the 6th grade instead of Kindergardent…lol…

    Good luck with the new site, and I’ll still follow your new endeavor for sure.

    Thanks, Scott

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