4 responses to “Pages from: Ryan Johnston | Ellensburg Daily Record

  1. Any newspaper that features 256 dachshunds on their front page gets a great big star from me!! (I can only imagine the yipping!) Plus you have a kid in the skybox. NICE looking page!

  2. I would kill to get a photo like the child in the stagecoach. Those are too few and far between for a small-town newspaper, alas. The posed ones where you get to identify prominent community members are the ones we’re expected to run.

    On the wind farm, would it have been possible to run a shot of Colockum Ridge in panorama across the space, maybe above the headline? Or failing that, the turbines above the Columbia? A worm’s-eye view of a turbine would be striking, but I don’t know if you could fit a vertical alongside the map.

    • Ryan Johnston

      To Joel:

      Actually yes to both photo ideas. It probably should have been mentioned in my explanation that we have, in the past two years, shown every possible angle of a wind turbine, farm, ridge, vista, viewpoint and perspective imaginable. That’s not to offer an excuse for our dull photo, but to at least give our very talented photographer (Brian Myrick) his due. The dull photo on this particular page was an editorial decision, not an artistic one (that doesn’t mean it was good choice, though :) The idea was to put a face with the issues instead of showing people more turbines.


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