2 responses to “Pages from: Scott M. Brings Plenty | Cherokee One Feather

  1. Jack

    Scott, I like this cover a lot. Very quiet, but highlights the design element (the pouch) very well.

    I do agree that your headlines could use a bit of work. I used to work with an editor who had the rule “Every headline should have a verb in it.” Food for thought, but generally not a bad rule. I realize you kind of have a main head and then a verb in the deck head, but “to host” is a very overused verb for newspapers. I’m guilty of it myself, I admit, especially close to deadline.

    But I can always get on board with using “The First Order of Badger Fighters hosted a barbecue last weekend” in a pinch; whereas “The First Order of Badger Fighters held a barbecue last weekend” makes me cringe to no end. So kudos on that front. :)

  2. Scott M. Brings Plenty

    Thanks Jack for your comments. I am definitely working on my headlines now. This blog is very helpful!!

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