3 responses to “Pages from: Kristin Coker | The Times and Democrat

  1. Scott M. Brings Plenty


    I really, really love both of these pages! It would have been easy, actually very easy, to overdo these pages, but you showed tremendous restraint and came up with two award-worthy pages!!

  2. Kristin Coker

    Thanks Ed, to answer your question about the hexagonal images, well, they were originally attached to a even bigger graphic idea that I had in mind. After I thought about it a little, I realized that the graphic just wasn’t going to work with the space that I had, so, I nixed the graphic, but I really wanted to keep the photos. I am such a big “Potter” head that I just couldn’t resist putting some of the movies most memorable characters out there too for the final film.

  3. Kudos.I’d also say that it was a good contrast to use Potter on one section front and Voldemort on the other, or can I not write his name either :)

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