4 responses to “Pages from: Renée Tanner | News-Review

  1. I think Ed’s a little too harsh on the jumps, that requires an effort from everyone on staff, not just the desk. But I don’t know the arrangement there, either.

    The Around the World line bothers me a bit as it goes across local stuff as well on the right hand side. While I’m sure the local area is a part of the world, I don’t think that’s the intent of the element.

  2. Michael Smith

    1 Fourth page is the best because it’s the most modular. I like the soccer ball teaser.
    2 Competing centerpieces in the first page.
    3 I would like to see rules separating all elements in all the pages.
    4 Mugs in lead of second page should be half column instead of full column
    5 FAA headline in third page too similar point size as headline above it
    6 I like sans serif for lead story heads only. How about serif heads for other stories?

  3. Michael Smith

    One last nit picky comment. Isn’t “e-mail” not “email” the correct AP style for the FOIA head for the fourth page?

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