6 responses to “Pages from: Jake Kersting | Press Publications

  1. Kristin Coker

    Ed, I said the same thing about the altar photo before I read your critique. I really wish I could see the whole picture. I think that would have been the best piece of art in the whole bunch, but it was ruined with putting type over it.

    • Yeah…proof that even a good idea can work against you at times, and that we need to:
      1. recognize those times when something doesn’t work.
      2. find a better way to do it.

  2. Marc Stumbo

    I SO agree … the overlay thing should be used sparingly and should NOT be used as a constant recurring element … it doesn’t work well enough often enough for it to be used regularly indiscriminately. I wanted to see the whole photo right out of the box in this case.

  3. Scott M. Brings Plenty

    1. I really don’t like the blue screen behind the At A Glance. When I first started designing pages, I would use color in each and every way and some of my pages from back then were attrocious and just plain gaudy. The blue doesn’t really add anything and if the printer doesn’t get it right, the color could be darker than on your pdf which could make the type hard to read. Trust me, it can happen.

    2. I prefer the bee package in the Forest Lake Press a ton better than the one in the Vadnais Heights Press. The text over the photo is the problem, as I see it, in the Vadnais paper. I do like the Forest Lake package though, and the quote pullout over the photo actually does work.

    3. I agree that the racetrack article should have been played up more in the Quad Community Press. The article on the artist is neat, but probably not the top news of the day.

    4. In the biking article, I am not a fan of the map over the biking photo. It is a nice photo and just gets lost to me with the map over the top. The article jumps, so maybe the map could have been displayed with the jump? That would have left the bike photo alone.

    5. I agree with everyone else as well on the choirboys photo.

  4. Jack

    My first thought, as well, was that I would’ve liked to see the entire photo of the cathedral behind the choir. When we get a chance to show something a little more artistic like that in a newspaper (and not have it feel forced), I say go for it. Plus the depth would’ve added weight to the package.

    On the page with the bike map … Kudos for the bike map. It’s a nice use for the package; however, there’s also a map on the story packaged right below it. Two maps for your front page on the same day seems a bit much, even though the maps are completely different.

    Also, on the bike map legend: When it’s something that simple, you don’t need to note that the box IS the map legend in the first place. It’s obviously the map legend. Give your readers the benefit of the doubt that they can figure that out. And, legend is misspelled “Legand,” which jumped out at me hard.

    • Not sure I agree on your concern about two maps. If there were two photos (or two stories…or two infoboxes) on page 1, would we consider that a bit much? If two maps are good enough for page 1, then I say run two maps!

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