3 responses to “Pages from: Scott M. Brings Plenty | Cherokee One Feather

  1. Scott M. Brings Plenty

    Thanks, as always, for your comments Ed. Glad you liked some of the work. It’s nice to see that I’m getting better…not good or great yet by any means, but at least better.

    I’ll consciously work on writing my subheads in a more interesting fashion…they are quite dull after re-reading them…thanks!

    Also, I’ll quit putting the captions over the photos…maybe underneath?

    Could you recommend a couple of nice sans serif feature fonts that I could change to? I’m currently using Tahoma…

  2. Ed’s notes aside, I like the design on talking stones page. The photos are solid art to work with from the get go.

    While I agree with Ed that the Sequoyah story is too wide, I think I might have considered a left chimney of breakout material, maybe 1/4 or 1/3 depending on the grid.
    And looking at the cutout, I can definitely see one reason to go the route you did, when you get into cutting out feathers and hair that fine, it can become a time constraints issue to make that work.

  3. Kristin Coker

    I really like your 25 years of education page. Nice effect and use of art.

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