5 responses to “Pages from: Pat Parmer | Lovell Chronicle

  1. Tom Martin, Editor, Register-Mail, Galesburg, Ill.

    With the Byron Days 2011, I agree with Ed’s critique, but would add that two pics are competing for the dominance – I don’t know where to look first. I feel like the fireworks shot is where I should go yet the size and color of the lower left pic really pull for my attention. I’d downsize the lower left pic of the two girls and pump up the lead shot a bit more.

  2. Thank you for the suggestions. I agree with the top lake photo, I think the photographer was trying to be a bit artsy and I didn’t catch it. I’m definitely looking for a serif font for headlines, any suggestions? Good point on the Byron Day photos, thank you.

  3. Jack

    I know first hand that taking fireworks photos at night is always a dubious enterprise. It’s not easy to get a great photo of fireworks, unless you just leave the shutter open for a while, and then everything just becomes a colorful blur. The best strategy seems to be saturation photography during large explosions, and then one of them is sure to work.

    …. that being said … I look at the lead photo of the fireworks, with all of the smoke trails, and maybe it’s just me, but all I think is, “ZOMG! That tree is on fire!”

    The picture of the ladies pointing at the painting is definitely the least interesting photo, and as such could be run lower in the package. Although it looks like the Byron Days 2011 font color was pulled from the wall in the background of this photo? Why? The pic is too Antique Roadshow for me.

    Top right photo … is that … is that a pink horseshoe?

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