3 responses to “Page from: Heather Freret | Stone County Enterprise

  1. Scott M. Brings Plenty

    This page is confusing to me…I agree with Ed about the top…and, from a visual standpoint, is there any reason why the black rull under the nameplate doesn’t extend all the way left to be even with the gray rule under the “Your Hometown Newspaper…” line?

    The most disturbing part to me about this page is what Ed pointed out in his point #3…it is a standing rule of journalism not to accuse until proven guilty. Ed’s right, those two aren’t burglars yet (unless they have previously been convicted of that crime)…they are suspects and were simply arrested. I would doubt this was done in a malicious manner, just an irresponsible manner…and that, in and of itself, might save your paper from a libel lawsuit. It is truly that serious in my eyes.

  2. Agree with Scott.

    Not sure I’d go with the green jump lines, but that may be my color bias for black type. The DUI story’s uneven bottom bugs me, but I know that can depend on individual paper’s style on that one, I just like them flush.

  3. Cynthia

    Centered headlines don’t seem right to me. Just a bias.
    I may be old school but would never set text or heads in color. What if the press goes off register? Then you have a mucky, illegible mess.

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