4 responses to “Pages from: Mary Kincy | The Courier

  1. I’d offer this alternative for the kooky clothing and it works pretty well imho for those long ap lifestyles features. Take the product art, they generally have three or four beside the featurish art with the story. Use that art to anchor some breakouts that incorporate capsules of some of the main sections. You can get the feature down to 14-17 inches with three of four entry points that are 2-3 inches long.

    I am curious why World is uppercase as a brief package header and lowercase in the page flag?

  2. I think the kid in the middle of the “Kooky” story would’ve been nice cutout and bigger in between the other two photos. I also agree with Ed about the color choices for this package. They don’t seem to fit. The story doesn’t look like it goes with the graphics on top with the orange rules separating them.

    The front page is very hard to look at. Maybe it is the stretched nameplate and the weird angles of both photos. I really like your follow us on Twitter and Facebook graphic. It goes nicely with the Spotlight on package. I also like the centered headlines and bylines.

    On your Nation & world page, should World be capitalized? Being nitpicky, but it is a little visually distracting. I think we’ve done the same thing by wrapping stories around ads. I better make sure everyone here knows it is a “no-no.”

  3. roger

    I was wondering about the two ads on the last page aren’t they floating in the middle of a page in between the weather and the briefs? Couldn’t they be moved to another page? Also, I was curious about the obit names on the rail on page one does a funeral home pay for that? Overall I had seen this paper about six months ago and can tell they are working to make it better. Finally a comment. Several papers in Arkansas use this same nameplate I’ve always disliked it and wish someone would fix them all.

  4. Mary Kincy

    The whole front page is stretched horizontally somehow; not sure what happened. We are, at Ed’s suggestion, finally taking the plunge on exploring changes to our flag. Problem is its all over our building, cars, etc.

    The rationale on “world” not being capitalized in that flag is that we don’t capitalize anything other than proper nouns after the first word in a series. You’ll notice that in our headlines. Perhaps this would be a place to break from that, though, since it seems to bother the eye for many of you.

    Thanks for the suggestions!

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