4 responses to “Pages from: Danny Haynes | The News Leader

  1. I really like Destiny and Dynasty. Wish our desk had taken that path for similar situation we had at regionals. What we got was not anywhere near that clean and polished.

    The other one, well, is there a cutline for Radio Daze photo? IM with Ed, one line down on the Trail Ride package and it evens out and may get a bit of the yellow dead space out of photo at bottom right.

    I don’t get why the fireworks brief thing isnt a breakout of the lead strip rather than a brief with a headline half the size of the copy. They read like they are the same event.

  2. Mark me down as a fan of “Destiny and Dynasty” too. It’s a keeper.

  3. Jeanette

    Our rule for how many lines a story can be short is 2 lines, but I don’t like it at all. I wonder how to line a story up so all text is even at the bottom. Does anyone know how to do this in InDesign? I’d prefer not to have any space at the end of a story.

  4. This would have taken a little planning … but …. I was thinking that the sales tax holiday bit could be shortened to just a few words that could be put above the nameplate. “Sales tax holiday begins Aug. 5” would be sufficient. Maybe in a 40ish point sans serif font that has kind of a thick, but clean feel to it. Color of black or burgundy/brick red. That would convey much of the same information as your black box and — as a bonus — you could use it to refer to a story or insert inside. The other contribution is that the information on the holiday would also be above the fold. In general, readers love items that have to deal with their personal finances. And they are willing to spend a small amount of money to potentially save a lot more, which is the case for a tax holiday. As a news person, I hate to say this part of it, but from a newspaper financial standpoint, it might’ve increased rack sales (assuming you guys use racks) as well. BUT all that is assuming that you guys could have had a story about the holiday or had inserts relating to it.

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