3 responses to “Page from: Becky Hutslar | Paoli News-Republican

  1. Ed, so surprised to read make the photo smaller coming from you. :)

    I’m wondering about going the other way. I’m hoping theres a lot more top or bottom to the square photo at bottom left. Id like to see that fill the whole space at right, then incorporate the great head shot into a quote or breakout.

    I keep seeing your L in this case being very thin along bottom. Im guessing it would be seven or eight lines stretching five legs under all that art? Or were you imagining cropping the square to horizontal?

    I too vote against red headlines for hard news stories.

  2. I’m wondering the headline would’ve looked better centered. The white space above and to the right of Paoli leads my eyes right off the page. I agree with Ed about moving the bottom photos. The long 3rd column is a little distracting when looking at the page as a whole. The lead photo is great. I’m blowing up the image now so I can read the story.

  3. Thank you for your comments! This is a learning experience every issue.
    Actually, what everyone here complained about was that I didn’t put the headline above the photo. This was a huge event for our town. There were several pages devoted to the history of the buildings and more. I have shown your comments to my boss and he’s allowed me to move the code from the top. He’s not very good with change!

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